Any ideas for a BC beta item?

Hmm. Party gat but different color?


the old hamster as a beta critter


the current hamster is?


A box hat with the Same colors as the beta party hat.

I think we should have a rainbow maybe animated box hat ? Or pot

A box critters varsity jacket would be a cool beta item

I got something hat has never been in Club Penguin or Box Critters that is a beta hoodie.

What about a cardboard crown?

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A shirt with beta player

What’s a beta player though?

A beta item? Well, the blue toque is near to beta as we can get. I really like the idea of colored leis, though. Leis are so nice, I love the one we have so much

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its when you test the game before its fully out and the game has alot of bugs.

Maybe the rocket could be a beta item, since commands will be removed I don’t see another way of obtaining it.

Rsnail said it will be obtained by clicking on his critter instead.

Oh alright.

Perhaps like a rocketsnail hoodie ? But with a rainbow like gradient

hmmm quisas una sudadera con el cohete

The “/waddleon” party hat code but instead it has text saying “Beta :rocketman:” around the hat.