Any Virtual World Recommendations?

Hi there! I’m looking for new virtual worlds to play.
A list of stuff I play or check on once and awhile are:
CPR (Club Penguin Rewritten)
TTR (Toontown Rewritten)
Animal Jam
MS2 (Maplestory 2)

I’m looking for games similar to these. New or old. You can even recommend me virtual worlds that aren’t out that you’re excited for.
I’m not interested in these virtual worlds:
Webkins, BinWeevils, MovieStarPlanet, OurWorld, etc.

toontown corporate clash

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toonkins is also dope!


You can do CPR TTR MS2

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All the ones you guys recommended are they ones I said I play, but its alright.
I guess there aren’t really a lot of other virtual worlds