Club Penguin References

One thing I would love to see are some subtle hints to Club Penguin hidden throughout the world!

Perhaps a Puffle engraved onto a wooden wall in the background, or a penguin ninja occasionally looking through a window. I understand that Box Critters is it’s own thing but even just a nod to one of our favourite virtual worlds would be really cool!

Is this something you’d like to see? What would be some good secrets/callbacks to Club Penguin to find?


Who knows, it is copyright, and we wouldn’t want any problems with Disney.


Well it is confirmed in crit skits episode 1 that the tavern is basically rockhoppers ship in a bottle so yeah that


I suppose, there are ways around that though. It depends how direct to the original it is.

Completely random example but I would imagine some kind of box of food called ‘Puff-L’s’ wouldn’t be classed as copyright but still a nice nod.


Puff-L’s seems like a nice cereal name


RocketSnail missed an opportunity to make the first web browser game to have it’s own cereal.


Now he needs to pay us

as long as their are no legal problems with it them im on board with the idea

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well so far pretty much every item that has come out is a reference from cp. propeller hat,viking helmet, hoodies,toques,keytar,snorkel,goggles,fishing hat, hula skirt, lei. like 80% of items are classic cp items

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that’d be cool tbh

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I mean, what ever he does, I’m here for, lol.