Critter ball ideas

Here are some ideas for games and anything else.
Critter burrows WHICH are there houses
Pets that are like furrballs and are called fluffles
Cone tron 2000 a ice cream game that is like pizza tron from cp but for ice cream

Different points of interest
Train station
Fluffle park
Light house
Boomin beach

Those have nothing to deal with Critter Ball Minigame ideas. I got some real ideas for Critter Ball testing. First you will need to login to test the Critter Ball Minigame. Second it will take you to the room where you find Critter Ball. Third you will need to click on something join the game. Forth you can start playing Critter Ball. Fifth you play Critter Ball. After you test it you will get a free clothing item for playing the test.

Well I meant box critter ideas