Critters Map - A Map for easy teleport to places?

yeah a map would be useful too!


actually i would like to see some FORM of a map? how can we do it different then CP?


unique is always the best. But idk a map is a map tho right?


Yeah. Im thinking of one that looks like Club Penguins

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Map would be cool. I’d love to see a rain forest in-game.


How about some kind of intro mission, sort of like a tutorial when a new player starts the game. And the reward for completing is the map.


A good map would be like the CP ones

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A map would help a lot. There was a blue phone in CP that was able to do so many things. Something like that can work too like, it can have a navigation that you can use for teleportation

When more rooms are added, A map would be very useful!

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yes we will need a map to travel long distances

But. There is only 2 rooms. How would you make a map?

Well 1.have two maps made into one so the Space station and then you have land

Try and incorporate unique instead of just a pizza shop it’s like a cake shop or maybe a futuristic Pizza shop

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Map Idea

  • The map leads to the main rooms of each area (e.g. tavern or bridge o they were the main room in the specific area)

i agree about the forest

The map should be as the same one as CP
but with different places

I think a map would be great! But in order to use it you have to complete a quest in every room, then that room unlocks on your map!

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A map sounds interesting we only can wait and see what will be the quick method of transportation.