Do you guys think critters should have their own little cages just like Club Penguin had igloos?

It would be really nice to decorate a cage. Hopefully they get added into the game


Well lance said there will be rooms. ATM - only big content creators will have em if they reach 10k subs. But eventually - we are all getting our own critter room

I think boxes would be better than cages.


Maybe, berry

the snail said we would have ships.

Well cages would be cool. But boxes would be great too.

Yes, absolutely

hahaha, that would be very cool. I just imagine the reptile cage with a waterfall and a bowl of food.

Yes I believe they should!

Amazing idea! Yes, Imwould love that!

Cage sounds depressing, why not something else

I think that this is a good idea bcs it adds more stuff to do in the game something to express yourself with.Or do some role play.Imagination is the limit.