Favorite eye item

mine is the new aviator googles


Eyepatch because it goes well with all of my outfits


Blue Ski Goggle Things

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The aviator goggles ofc

3d glasses gang!!!


Ugh the 10 character limit

Aviator goggles look super cute. They’re my favorite.

white 3d glasses are my favorite

3D glasses!

Avaitor goggles mate. Even though the 3d glasses aint that bad

even if the aviator goggles have come out and they’re also super cool - the black goggles are my go-to O_O

we need pink goggles

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I love the new aviator goggles!
They’re neutral in terms of color scheme, leading them to suit many outfits!
They also sit nicely on many of the hats! (They’re also cute when paired the propeller caps!)