This is my idea for a Box Critters feature. Gifting is where you gift someone clothing.There would have to be a limit on how many gifts per player. That limit could be one or two gifts per player. There would have to be rules on gifting if the gift is to rare you would have to press a button that says decline and return. Many players would like this feature. One thing there would be a button or a way to send the gifts. Let me know your ideas on how gifts should be sent.


When profiles are created, there should be an option to gift from there.

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Good thinking maybe rsnail will do that.

I disagree with sending items

its ok to disagree some people might think its a good idea.

I think this is a good idea. I just think exclusive items like the box hats should not be available for trade. It just makes it so items like that stay rare and they keep their exclusive and rare item status.

This is not about trading this is about a gifting feature idea but this is helpful information Toot_Noot.

oh lol

Even if it was trading, it wouldn’t make the items any less rare, since this feature wouldn’t make new copies of the item.

That would be nice.

I think rsnail has said something about trading but I dont know.

I think that the gift to be exclusive items that u can get only from someone sending u a gift.And like it would be a catalog to choose the one to gift to your friend.Like lets say u can choose a black and white hoodie or a clown hair or red boots.

There are so many good ideas we will have to wait and see.