If we could all vote for a new item to be added, what would you guys pick?

Any item as in clothes. I’m curious on what type of items people would like for our critters.

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id like to see more hand items


HAND ITEMS YES! Can we get a coffee cup???


We’re lacking some footwear.

We need hair items

Critters don’t really have hair though :thinking: not sure how that would really work. But then again, if a penguin could pull it off… :stuck_out_tongue:

We need a straw hat for a item.

Any Halloween item. I think Frankenstein I looked in (whisper: dev tools)

We need foot items!

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Critters don’t really have feet though

food items

I understand you, but this does not make much sense, since it is the same as hand items and consumables are already being worked

I think a “I :heart: Box Critters” shirt would be good.

Snow Globbbeeee

A hairstyle

star headband pls

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