Interview With RocketSnail + Orange Hoodie Giveaway

Hello Critters!

I am not sure if you all might know me that well but if you are a part of the Club Penguin community too on Twitter, then you might know me somewhat as the Coffee dude after my show ‘Coffee With Mr Duda’. It’s basically a talk show, I run, inviting guests and talking to them. You might want to checkout my YouTube channel below:


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On the current season, I have done one episode on Box Critters with the former Club Penguin Blog Author - Polo Field.

And now, I am about to do another episode on Box Critters with none other than it’s Creator - (drum rolls beating…) RocketSnail a.k.a Rsnail!

The Episode will be releasing in two parts:
Part 1 - An Interview with the Creator of Club Penguin (Releasing Friday, 2nd Aug 2019)
Part 2 - Audience Questions + Item Giveaway (Releasing Sunday, 4th Aug 2019)

Part 1 will be just the interview of Rsnail with me. We will be talking about everything from - Experimental Penguins to Box Critters.
Part 2, there will be answers from Rsnail for the questions he took from the audience, present there after the interview. Also in Part 2, I will be giving away the Orange Hoodie on 4th August 2019 at 9:00 AM PST.

So Critters, stay tuned for the amazing episode!

Thank You everyone!

-Mr Duda


Nice hoodie looks really good

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cant wait! this is great