Make A Story

I saw this idea, and I thought it was a good idea, so, let’s do this! I’ll start

Once Upon a Time,

in a galaxy far far away,

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There once was an unbreakable snowglobe

Who’s name was gary

Gary was a happy snowglobe, who lived a long and happy life, until he met a girl named Amelia

And then Amelia decide to introduce him to a friend called Hjonk and toot and Borca

He was confused, because he had never seen actual people before.

After the introductions they went to amelias house and ordered a pizza from dominos

Then they went to Egypt and lived a new life in Space. The end

And then they went on a flight around space on Hjonk birb

On their flight, they met an alien

The alien asked where the planet earth was

But they didn’t tell him and he took the to his house on the planet Okata where everyone speak borcanese

The aliens were very confused and asked this question,

They asked what 2+2 was

And he replied with “no u”

After that devastating come back the aliens left and never returned

Amelia and Gary exchanged many dad jokes until the following the day

And we told them 1 so then they taught us how to ride there space crafts and we had to take part in a inter galactic space race for are,

the space race didnt go as planned. the hamsters box vehicles were failing, the snail arrives and gives them all rockets