Making Items From Club Penguin

Hey Everyone this is my first post. if there is something bad in my post like anything rude, I would like to give my apologies. Now lets start off with my idea.

Making Items From Club Penguin To Box Critters

Club Penguin Had Awesome Hats, Accessories, Body parts And More. We Should Import Hats From Club Penguin To Box Critters To make people Feel Nostalgic and Have The Full Experience From The Old Club Penguin And Box Critters At The Same Time. People Can Enjoy Old Hats And Be Free. Maybe Some Hats Can Cost Coins Someday? And Some Can Be Free Or Exclusive To Players. This Would Make A Great Thing For Box Critters And The Future Of It. Thank You For Listening To My Idea I Hope One Day It Might Be On Box Critters.

Thank You And Goodbye



I actually like this idea, it can be little easter eggs and references to the past.

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Sounds good would love some items back