Pass the Egg!

Then I steal the egg, get attacked, and make this one super glued to my hand (kelsey stop >:()

The egg hatches on your hand, and another egg comes out! With legs!!! (And what am I doing, there is literally potential in every one I saw)

Suddenly out of the explosion, a new, shiny bright egg pops up and creates a new universe

But then another egg appears and on it is club penguin original island and this time as a planet

A bird then flies down and lays another egg on the planet

Then the planet blows up into a million pieces, each shaped like an egg.

I use the egg to make a cure for Coronavirus

I punt the egg

I catch the egg

I punt it again

The egg shatters.

I use magic powers to bring it back

I melt the egg

And then I bring it back again

The egg grows a pair of legs and wanders off

The egg gets tired and sits on a wall.