Roleplay. Keep the story going!

Obama logs onto Box Critters.


And he looks at icy

He then starts asking icy for flippr.

Icy says yes cause it is Obama

but then Obama got scammed and got the sleeping cap from icy

But then Obama went to and realised the website was up.

Then icy went to th bridge and got a brick

And threw the brick to Obama

Garfield comes in and becomes the new president

A wild chicken comes in as Garfield’s bodyguard.

and kick him

In the toosh

Garfield dies because he is 30

And so does Dark thus he can no longer add to the story

Obama wakes up from the hit from the brick and resurrects Dark thus letting him add more to the story

but then icy nukes the white house and obama, garfield the chicken all die… THE END

But it wasn’t the end and they all came back to life with a sacred ritual performed by me.

Peepeepoopoo peepeepoopoo peepeepoopoo

The dragon from (Pass the Egg!) Shows up and kills Garfield then returns back to (Pass the Egg!)

Then the dragon dies

Then a rising devil came out of his dead body