Should rare items return?

NO they should not! Rare items are special and I hope it stays that way.

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all i want is pot helm & the hoodies

nope rare items should never return lol!


Never. bring. them. back

Here’s an unpopular opinion:
Some items should be brought back.

While I’m all for some items being restricted to a limited time,
(Such as event exclusives, like party hats on Club Penguin)
basic items shouldn’t appear once and simply never appear again.

Let’s take an item such as the Black Hoodie.
On Club Penguin, it wasn’t available for years if I remember correctly.
To people who had it, sure, it was cool to have a “rare” item.
For people trying to make their penguin look a certain way, on a newer account, however…

Do you see what I’m saying?
If basic items are missing for too long,
newer players miss out on the customization aspect of the game!

Again, I’m all for having rare items in general!
I just hope that these items are worth being considered “rare”,
and don’t impede on basic customization down the line!
(This coming from a person who had quite a few “rare” items on Club Penguin!)

TL;DR: As long as these “rare” items aren’t basic items (such as solid color items), I’m fine with them not being brought back!


Rares should come back and stay commons.

I think some items should come back like the pot and the green hoodie But others should stay unavailable

seeing as this is not even beta yet, you have to expect that all these items are going to return. when the game is out of beta i would probably say that only some items should return, cp messed that up for the older players by releasing the same xact items.

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Nope they should not return lol

well if they returned they would not be rare would they

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lol cant let them return!~

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And that’s why the Blue Toque, a plain blue cap, being the rarest item in the game is just kinda silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess one way to solve this is to make items become more valuable as time goes on, so a Green Hoodie you got in an experiment is worth more than one you got in beta. No idea how that could work though.

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I agree with Shard, 100%; and Berry too.