Sled Race like game?

yeah sled race is one of the best multiplayer game in CP… maybe pull it up to Box Critters?


dude i totally want a hamster ball racing game haha


yeah, the roll the hamster ball down hill thingy :smiley:


I always wanted to play the sled race with more players, imagine a big race with like 20 people and a replay feature at the end.


and like shortcut in the path… it will be amazing :smiley:

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That will be cool

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And at the end there can be Critters jumping excitement (like the 2 clapping penguins at the end of the game on Club Penguin)

This would be the perfect minigame

yes, i think this would be a great for the box critter game. getting a little bit of nostalgia and fun at the same time. but i do think that rsnail should allow more players into a race. imagine having 8 players in a sled racing type game, instead of 4. that would be much more fun.

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yeah this would be amazing!

Would be cool to have something like that.