Slot Machine Idea

Hi! I saw a comment about pets and eggs and thought of a way which they could be implemented. My idea is a slot machine found in a permanent area, I’ve drawn it in the Snowman Village, that will give players items for rolling.

The machine would cost 100 coins to roll and each player gets 1x roll ticket per day. There would be different items to get, Coins, Eggs (new ways of getting pets), Gems (higher value money, converts into coins) and mystery items.
Getting different combinations could result in different prizes, as shown quite poorly in my little graph/ checklist thingy.


I also drew up a sketch for another area of the snow village. It includes a bank, fireplace and the slot machine!

I hope you guys like it!


This looks amazing! Great job! I really like the idea of a slot machine that gives prizes even when you lose.

Wow, Amazing! I love it!!