Upcoming minigames

I think that they should add a Critter Tag minigame

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yeah but how would it work?

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I thought that the Critter Wheel in the Tavern could be used for a rhythm game à la DDR game/Dance Contest (Club Penguin) where multiple critters can compete and the better you get, the faster the wheel turns and the faster the game gets.

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they were talking about removing my wheel and adding a game so you never know

Another good game would be Critter Slides. You go through tubes and do tricks at the same time. You get points/coins depending on how long you were able to last/how many tricks you managed to do

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id like to see more

Critter Tag would be Awesome

  • I see one-two players being it trying to tag every other players (being on the grid block next to the player).
  • Trying to survive for the time limit (maybe 2 minutes).
  • If you get tagged you become a tagger.
  • Taggers get 5 coins for every person they tag.
  • Taggers get 20 points if they tag everyone.
  • Hiders get 40 points if more then 1 person survive for the time limit.
  • Hiders get 50 points if they are the only survivor.
  • 5 coins for every 30 seconds you are playing to give people incentive not to quit.

That would be cool
I would look at it as some sort of racing game kind of like sled race.

  • 4 Players.
  • You go until 3 of the 4 players have been eliminated.
  • Players are eliminated by running into obstacles which are on the Wheel.
  • 20 coins for winning.
  • 10 coins for coming second.
  • 5 for third and fourth place.
  • Certain amount of coins for how long you survive.
  • arrow keys to control (Left, Right, Jump and Duck).

Oh did not read this lol