What critters do you guys want?

I want cat and dog critters.

Tiger & Wolf :wink:


tiger and wolf sound like my style. lets do it!


dog critter

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Pineapple critter? Lmao

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duck critter

Deer critter?

Arctic Fox

Yeet Critter

kola critters

Corgi critters would look good.

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I need a doggo

Koala Critter and a Penguin Critter

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Omg yus good idea with the koala and penguin.

Hm, Owl or an Corgi critter would be nice. I hope there will be some bird critters

Iā€™d love a turtle critter.

Ooh, how about a squirrel critter?

I would like a bat critter.

Crocodiles or bats would be cool

Turtle critter :turtle:

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