What do you think pets would be like?

What do you think pets would be and what would they do?


thats a tuff question. dragons are cool


Some kind of small creatures

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we are the pets, how can pets have pets?


Pets could help you out in quests and get things for you, kind of like in cp.

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This is an interesting question, since there’s multiple critters you can play as!
Meaning many animals could end with the Goofy & Pluto issue
(Which is pretty funny on its own, so I wouldn’t be too against it)

Personally I think the best bet would be either:
-small creatures that may not fit as critters (such as some bugs)
-inanimate objects (made animate)
-unique creatures that can’t be tied to an existing animal

Though, we really don’t know if there’s going to be one pet species or twenty,
so really anything’s possible!

Here’s some ideas that I think are pretty cool:
-Rock golems
-Serpents & worms (Since critters can’t be long)
-Giant spiders (unlikely due to arachnophobia being common)
-Robots! Even if there’s a robo critter, robots come in all shapes and sizes!

Though, honestly, I’ll probably be happy to see any pets.
(Especially if they’re unique creations!)

Sorry about my long posts! Haha.


It may sound weird but… pebbles? Little pebbles that you can paint, some would have crystals growing on them etc.

I like the ideas of bugs. They would mostly have to be smaller than the critters anyway and who doesnt want a cute lil worm for a pet?

I want lion cubs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like rock golems

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Would be dope

Yeah how about neither of them

I think we should have fish as pets. It sounds strange I know, but they could be really useful. For example, they could make you swim faster in water rooms, or they could find hidden treasure in the sea.

A penguin would be very cool but i can only hope that this will happen.