What’s Something You Collect, Used to Collect, or Want to Collect in the Future?

As almost everybody from the Discord should know, I collect snowglobes, (45 glorious water bubbles , but I don’t know if anybody else collects anything, and I’m pretty curious, so, what do y’all collect or wish you could collect? I also collect keychains, and mugs (I’ve collected keychains longer, but I have no where as many as I have snowglobes, and mugs are my recent collection to form.)

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I collect keychains from anywhere I visit, which means I have a bunch of keychains and it’s too heavy to carry around. My family also collects magnets of places we go so we can remember where we’ve been.

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I collect keychains too, of whatever i’ve been

I used to collect unopened soda’s. Limited variants of Pepsi or Coca-Cola. (I do not ever plan to drink them)

Nice, Nice