What will the typical overworld be like?

The Tavern and Bridge are both wildly different from one another, with one taking place inside or at least being themed around a pirate ship, with the other taking place aboard a spaceship. As such, what could the main overworld of Box Critters be like? Club Penguin’s was a snowy island, so what does everyone think the outside areas in Box Critters will be like, and how will they connect these radically different types of rooms?

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My guess is that, considering the fact that the current Hamster critters are the most important critters and the ones you start the game with, the main overworld of Box Critters will be the Pirate Island that currently the critters are reaching through the tavern’s ship. The island won’t be snowy but it will be tropical with a bigger focus on water and the sea. Parties would most likely be held exclusively in the Island, otherwise rsnail and the team will have to spend lots of time decorating every single room in the game. That would slow updates so we don’t want it. All in all, those are my guesses. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I do know what thing the bridge will change in the future and become a bigger and better room for the game. I however think that might be part of exp 4 as a surprise feature. I hope that the bigger bridge will be part of the old bridge and not change the look of it completely.

I think there shouldn’t be a “typical” overworld. Instead, they could the borders between nearby places something that makes sense in each particular situation.

I mean, I’m fine with anything, I’m not really picky with that kind of details.