Who do you Think Foxes Should Team up With?

Foxes! Often depicted as cunning tricksters,
these creatures are actually quite playful in the wild!

Although it’s been suggested that the Foxes will join the Raccoons in the Thieves Guild,
I thought I’d toss in a bit of a “What if”!

Out of the known themed critters, here’s some reasons foxes might team up with them!

-Foxes are depicted as sly & cunning! Great for thievery!
-In many mythologies, they are depicted for their negative behavior, from destroying crops to depicting fraud.
-They’re also known for attacking livestock, especially chickens, even in present day
-Foxes and raccoons hail from similar environments, and are often present in the same ecosystems

Sock Monkeys
(I am aware there’s no stated guild for them yet and they are specified as having a “kung fu” theme and not specifically a “ninja” theme.)
-Foxes are depicted as sly & cunning! They’d make good ninjas.
-In many mythologies, foxes are depicted as having magical powers, often used in their trickery. Going back to Club Penguin, ninjas were often shown with powers of their own, such as disappearing in puffs of smoke!
-Foxes are well known for their appearance in Japanese folklore, especially as powerful spirits known as “kitsunes”! If foxes had combat themed similarly to sock monkeys, it would be plausible for foxes to have a variant with multiple tails. (Which is just cool looking)
-A fox would probably hunt a hamster, so making them ninjas would play into the “ninjas vs pirates” trope! On top of this, foxes in the real world don’t really like raccoons.

-While probably the least likely, I thought it would be interesting to bring up. Pirate foxes. It just sounds cool.
-Rather than teaming up, they could also be rival pirates!
-Sly & cunning, foxes aren’t exactly depicted as playing nice!

You may be wondering, what do I mean “all”? It’s exactly what it sounds like! What if foxes could join any guild? After all, stealth and cunning can suit just about any guild! On top of this, if foxes are “sly tricksters”, who’s to say they wouldn’t try to outwit another fox?

What do you think?
Who would you personally have foxes team up with?
Voice your thoughts below, I’d love to hear your opinion!

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Nothing about Beavers :frowning:

this is very interesting, i always assumed the raccoons now you have me thinking

Some animal that it has stuff in common but mostly it should be very sneaky.